Major Data Centre, North Ryde, NSW

Equipment Supplied: Powershield BDL
Our Customer: UGL Services
Project Value: $250,000

With a substantial expansion of the site capacity underway, facility manager UGL services approached Power Protect to provide a Battery monitoring system for the large number of UPS batteries across the site. The installation was staged to ensure there was no disruption in availability of UPS power to the data halls and immediately numerous batteries were identified as a concern whereas previously the site had no visibility of these potential problems.


Emergency Services Authority, ACT

Equipment Supplied: Server Racks and Custom Power Distribution Units [PDU]
Our Customer: Emergency Services Authority
Project Value: $85,000

During the construction of the new ESA Headquarters in Fairbairn, planners decided to integrate their IT equipment into custom built enclosures. Power Protect were engaged to deliver the best fit solution to accomodate the masses of equipment required to operate the Communications Centre and Training Room at the facility. Following our success with this part of the project, Power Protect went on to supply the Server Racks and associated equipment to the site’s Data Centre.


Major Data Centre, Ballarat, Victoria

Equipment Supplied: Powershield BDL
Our Customer: Thycon
Project Value: $75,000

In 2009 the facility undertook a substantial upgrade to their UPS Systems. The customer had selected the Powershield Sentinel Voltage and Impedance Battery Data Logger [BDL] to monitor the UPS Battery System . Power Protect were engaged by the UPS manufacturer Thycon, to supply, install and commission the BDL.


Government Department, Barton, ACT

Equipment Supplied: Liebert UPS
Our Customer: Government Dept.
Project Value: $80,000

The client contacted Power Protect as they had a UPS in alarm and their contracted service provider was unable to attend site. On arrival we found that one of the battery systems had failed and was overheating. The affected system was shut down for safety and a thorough audit was undertaken of the site equipment.
In addition to replacing the failed batteries, two 80kVA transformer based UPS were replaced with modern digital UPS units. The improvements in energy efficiency were visible on the site’s next energy bill. The client now contracts Power Protect for their UPS maintenance services.